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Details from the Fra Mauro Map, which dates back to the mid-1400s. Created by the Venetian monk and mapmaker Fra Mauro based on his own travels, plus the experiences of various merchants and travelers, this map depicted the Old World - from western Europe to a somewhat distorted Africa, all the way to East Asia - fairly accurately. The map is also interesting in that its orientation places the south at the top, and the north at the bottom. The recognizable shapes of the Iberian Peninsula and the Italian boot, for example, are upside-down. 

Fra Mauro was one of the first westerners to depict the islands of Japan on a map (he labels what is probably Kyushu “Isola de Cimpangu”, pictured above right below “Giava”). His map also includes various illustrations of common ships of the time - Chinese junks, Arabian dhows, and the cogs and carracks of Europe. 

You can freely check out all the details of the map (and there are a lot) here. The full map, completely zoomed out, looks like this: