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December 9, 1965: A UFO allegedly lands in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I adore these types of stories.

On this night in 1965, an object supposedly crash-landed in a forest in Kecksburg, a small town in Pennsylvania. Before landing, it, according to scattered reports, had dropped flaming metal debris over Michigan and Ohio, caused sonic booms in Pennsylvania, and was initially described by the press as a giant meteor. One Kecksburg resident claimed she saw blue smoke rising from the crash area. Others reported vibrations, while still others claimed that the object appeared to have slowed down and even turned before crashing. It was the general consensus, however, that the UFO was metal, acorn-shaped, inscribed with hieroglyphics, and “the size of a Volkswagen Beetle”. 

Responding to these reports, the U.S. Army and other state military personnel arrived at the scene in Super 8 fashion, cordoning off the area to the public in order to search for the UFO. Apparently, they found nothing. 

It gets spookier. A local radio station reporter named John Murphy arrived on scene shortly before the authorities. He managed to take photographs and interview witnesses before his photos were confiscated by the military- all but one. The following weeks, Murphy was immersed in his UFO research and planned to issue a radio documentary entitled Object in the Woods… until he was contacted by government officials (straight out of a movie), who confiscated several of his tapes. Following the visit, some of Murphy’s interviewees requested their statements be edited out of his documentary for fear of trouble with the authorities. According to a radio station worker, the edited documentary refrained from mentioning the eponymous “object” at all. Murphy never mentioned the UFO, his research, or the documentary again, until he was killed in February of 1969 by a hit-and-run.

(pictured: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, home of “Project Blue Book”.)

Over the years, several witnesses have come forward, some reporting intense military security that December night in Kecksburg, while two brick workers in Ohio reported seeing the object stored in a hangar in the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton…