Queen Victoria: “the Grandmother of Europe”

In all, Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, had nine children and forty-two grandchildren, thirty-four of whom survived to adulthood. 

Pictured above:

Princess Victoria (her daughter) and Frederick III of Germany, plus their son, Wilhelm II; Sophie (the Queen’s granddaughter through the younger Victoria) and Constantine I, Queen consort and King of the Hellenes…

King Edward VII (her eldest son) and his wife, Alexandra of Denmark, daughter of Christian IX of Denmark; their son, George V, who succeeded his father; Maud (a granddaughter through Edward) and Haakon VII, Queen consort and King of Norway.

… and finally, Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse, and his wife, Princess Alice (Victoria’s third eldest), and their son-in-law Tsar Nicholas II. The resemblance between the Tsar and George V (his cousin through their mothers) is often pointed out.


 Also note that the three monarchs in the middle column, who all ruled during World War I, were first cousins (through marriage, in Wilhelm and Nicholas’s case). 

Queen Elizabeth II is a great great granddaughter of Queen Victoria through her father, George VI; her husband, Prince Philip, is also a great great grandchild of Queen Victoria through his mother, Princess Alice of Battenburg. She and Philip, the King of Sweden, the Queen of Denmark, the King of Norway, and the King and Queen of Spain are all descendants of Victoria. 

A full list of Queen Victoria’s descendants.

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